Volume 1 (Dec. 2015) features papers developed from those presented at the NCIS 25th Anniversary Conference at Yale University in June 2015, with the theme, “Traditions and Transitions: Independent Scholars and the Digital Landscape.” The authors engage with the conference theme in several disciplines and across eras: Barbara Williams Ellertson and Janet Seiz examine the overlooked imagery of the book in Renaissance Art; Toni Vogel Carey examines town-gown relations in the Scottish Enlightenment; Piri Halasz gives a unique insight into 'Swinging London' of the 1960s; and Yvonne Groseil takes a look at the growing adjunct activism in the 21st century. All are informed by digital media and resources which were not available to previous generations of scholars. As well as these four critical essays, TIS1 contains four reviews of scholarly books.

Piri Halasz. "Transition from Mystery into History: How the Internet Revived My Faith in 'Swinging London'.” 

Barbara Williams Ellertson and Janet Seiz. "The Painted Page: Books as Symbols in Renaissance Art."

Toni Vogel Carey. "Town-Gown Collaboration: The Example of Eighteenth-Century Scotland."

Yvonne Groseil. "A Future for Adjuncts: From Plight to Fight."

Book Reviews for this issue are accessible here

Published: 2022-10-04