Volume 2 (Sept. 2016) is a general issue featuring a wide-ranging set of peer-reviewed papers, complemented by reviews of books written by independent scholars and/or funded by NCIS-administered grants, and in our 'Back in the Day' section you can read a reprint of an essay that first appeared in The Independent Scholar Quarterly (TISQ). Also in this issue is the announcement of the 2016 winners of the Elizabeth Eisenstein Prize for a peer-reviewed article or book chapter published by an NCIS member, and an obituary of the eponmymous Professor Elizabeth Eisenstein who was very supportive of independent scholarship and in whose honor the Eisenstein Prize was established.

Joan Cunningham and Paul A. Lewis. "A Case Report of Therapeutic Massage to Relieve Axillary Web Syndrome, a Restrictive Soft Tissue Condition Caused by Breast Cancer Surgery."

Amanda Haste. "Getting the Message Across: Translating Meaning for an Academic Readership."

Serena Newman. "They Came Here to Fish: Early Massachusetts Fishermen in a Puritan Society."

Boria Sax. "How Experience Becomes History: The Secrets Revealed, and Created, by a File from the FBI."

Back in the Day: - Editor's choice from the archives of The Independent Scholar QuarterlyToni Vogel Carey. "Galileo Linceo."

Obituary: Professor Elizabeth Eisenstein

Book Reviews for this issue are accessible here.

Published: 2022-10-04