Volume 6 (February 2020) features critical essays engaging with the theme "Meeting Challenges, expanded from communications given at the NCIS Conference held at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in June 2019 on the twin themes of "Making Connections, Meeting Challenges." This issue also contains book reviews, and reprints of both the winner and runner-up of the 2019 Elizabeth Eisenstein Essay Prize.

Peer-reviewed articles:

Karima Amer. "Historiographic Challenges in Understanding the Development of Psychoanalysis: Connecting Flournoy, Freud, Jung and the Creative Unconscious."

Renée Elizabeth Neely. “Navigating Freedom, Creating Sustainability: Marronage in the Dismal Swamp of Virginia and North Carolina (Ca 1800 – 1850).”

Amanda J. Haste. "The British Colony in Marseille: Meeting the Challenges of Migrant Life, 1850-1915."

Annie Rehill. "Writing and Art in Activist Collaboration: A Métis Story of Resistance and Change."

Elizabeth Eisenstein Essay Prize 2019

Winner: Boria Sax. "When Adam and Eve Were Monkeys: Anthropomorphism, Zoomorphism and Other Ways of Looking at Animals." Originally published in The Routledge Companion to Animal-Human History,ed. Hilda Kean and Philip Howell (London: Routledge, 2019), pp. 273-297. Reprinted with kind permission of the author and publishers.

Runner-up : Stephanie Harp. "Stories of a Lynching: Accounts of John Carter, 1927." Originally published in Bullets and Fire: Lynching and Authority in Arkansas, 1840-1950, ed. Guy Lancaster. (University of Arkansas Press, 2018), pp. 195-221. 

Book Reviews for this issue are accessible here.

Published: 2022-10-04