Volume 7 features critical essays engaging with the theme "Connections and Challenges", expanded from communications given at the NCIS Conference held at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in June 2019 on the twin themes of "Making Connections, Meeting Challenges." This issue also contains book reviews, and an extended book review/commentary on higher education present and future. 

Darnella Davis, "Widening the Road for Independent Scholarship and Personal Narratives."

Jordan Lavender, "Address Forms in Ecuadorian Spanish: An Analysis of Pronominal and Nominal Forms in Facebook Messenger Data."

Susan Roth Breitzer. "Together and Apart: The Changing Relationship between Independent Scholars and Learned Societies."

Review essay and authors' response: Yvonne Groseil. "Beyond Crisis: Higher Education Today and Tomorrow."

Book Reviews for this issue are accessible here.

Published: 2020-08-01